Viharsarok Brewery

Proudly Hungarian craft beers straight out of Gyula’s microbrewery

Our philosophy

Perfect beer is born out of care and honor towards our profession. Our motto is, that quality beer can only be made out of superb ingredients and with the following strict hygienic rules. Made with love and perfect skills, will beer taste the best.

With care, from Gyula

Since 2020, Beer Corner’s brewery produces premium quality, award-winning beer with the same care from Gyula, as before, but under the new name Viharsarok Brewery. We are only separated by a glass wall from the Beer Corner restaurant, where you can taste our beers fresh from the tap, whenever you would like. 

Why are we special?

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Viharsarok beer is made with the highest classification methods used in the food industry, under laboratory circumstances. Our main ingredient, hop is exported from Žatec, the heaven of beer brewing. Besides the best quality components, we use the precious soft water that characterizes Gyula. Levente, our master brewer is well known for his overachiever nature and his honor and love for traditional recipes, even when he is experimenting with new things. 

Our news

Check out the blog and find out what specialties our team is making for the season! 

Málnás Sacher

Málnás Sacher

A sör értékelését - hasonlóan a recept tervezéséhez – azzal érdemes indítani, hogy meg kell kóstolni egy igazi Málnás Sachert, a süteményt. Erre gyulaiként – de hisszük, hogy országosan is – az...

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