Viharsarok, Gyula’s famous brewery

Simple and sophisticated, this is how we like our beer. We work hard to match our beer to our preferences and to create the best quality craft beer.
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We only use premium quality natural soft water and hop from the famous žatec.

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Hop can come from the States, brewer’s yeast can be Belgian, but the exceptional hard work and the honor of this profession come from our home, Gyula.

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We brew our beer from quality ingredients, with exceptional attention to hygienic rules, and our maximal attention and proficiency.

Award-winning craft beer 

Our beers have won several international awards. In 2019, in the XIII. KSE International Beer Competition we achieved three silver and one bronze medal, despite our relatively short history. Our Czech Pale Lager got the highest marks in its category and finished the competition in the first place.

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What is the key to quality beer?

Only water, malt, hop, and brewer’s yeast. Seems quite simple. However, for real quality, which is our goal from the start, we need a lot more. Knowledge, determination, and endurance, curiosity is indispensable. With these, we can achieve our goal, to brew a real, high-quality craft beer with traditional methods, and care from Gyula.

Our story

From the sparkle of the first idea, it didn’t take long to take the first step towards our goal. When our founder, Csaba Ábrahám, and his wife, Judit started the company, they visualized a team, who can prove that with the right attitude, the Hungarian food industry can and will produce high-quality, exclusive products.

We started our test brewing at Viharsarok Brewery in December of 2017, and in less than a year, our beers were selling across Hungary. On the same day, our restaurant, Beer Corner Pub, which is only separated by a glass wall from the brewery, has also opened its doors for the public. Currently, we have the capacity of 26.000 liters of fermenting space.

We are a relatively young brewery, however, besides all of our lovely enthusiastic customers, our beers have already earned professional acknowledgment as well. We have been to two international beer classification contests, where our lager beer won a silver and a bronze medal while our IPA also won the award for the second-best beer. 

Our team

Currently, the team of Viharsarok Brewery consists of five members, we work together as a small family to achieve our dreams. Our common goals, the love towards our profession, and the success we gained together built us into a strong team throughout the years.

Despite the opening of Viharsarok Brewery in 2017, our history reaches far back to the old days. Csaba Ábrahám, the father of the whole Viharsarok Brewery conception is the manager of one of Hungary’s largest food chemistry and microbiological laboratories. Every brewery dreams of its laboratory. Well, we already had the laboratory, we just needed to create the right brewery. This is how we swapped up the happenings, and this is how the idea of Viharsarok Brewery was born.


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